Merchant Marine Academy

The United States Merchant Marine Academy is located at Kings Point, N.Y. Established in 1936, and opened 1943,  its primary focus is training of Merchant Service officers.  Candidates must be at least 17 years of age and must not have passed their 25th birthday before July 1 in the year of entrance, receive a nomination from their U.S. Representative or Senator, have qualifying test scores, and grade point average.  Upon graduation they receive a commission in the Naval Reserve as well as a Merchant Marine License, or a commission in any one of the other branches of service.
 NMMI serves as a preparatory school for the United States Merchant Marine Academy. The curriculum for USMMA preps consists of English Composition, higher math, Chemistry, Physics, Military Science, and Physical Education. The Prep Program Advisor works with the cadets and the Academy to provide assistance and guidance to help prep students succeed in the academic arena, the Corps of Cadets and physical fitness.  Upon successful completion of the program, qualifying Candidate Fitness Assessment scores, approval by  DoDMERB and recommendation from the staff and faculty at NMMI, the cadet will receive an appointment to USMMA.


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